01/07/2022 – Trail Update

Season is open, Prayers were answered, we have 8-10 inches of fresh powder. Ground was frozen so it should hold. North Benzie County line to Maple City, CLOSED…We lost the Leelanau County trail this season 14 miles due to trespass, when the sign says “stay on trail”, that is what it means! 

Please use caution. Most of the limbs have been cleared there may be a few under the fluff, use caution. As usual we will not start grooming until after the first snow get packed in by snowmobiles. Groomers will be on the trails Saturday and they have the right of way.  When stopped along the trail please STAY to the RIGHT do not block the trail. Know where you go, we use private landowners’ properties to respect this.
Stay to the right side of the trail watch for oncoming traffic; trails are narrow in many places


With the increased trail use, and an influx of new riders out there we thought it would be beneficial to share with you the following two DNR links about groomer safety / awareness information.  Please share this information with your family and friends.

Watch out, Groomers are great guys voluntarily working out there in the cold for your *winter sports fun* Use caution!! Keep them and yourself safe by giving them right of way. “Slow down” Show your appreciation with a thumbs up as carefully passing.

Also remember that the signs on the snowmobile trails are there for a reason, for the safety of all riders. So please don’t remove them!! “Just Think” the souvenir (sign) you take home, could take someone’s life and that rider goes for last ride home in a box.

Grooming is done 4 days a week, by 3 groomers at different parts of our trail every Mon., Wed, Fri, and Sat. nights, also as needed. Watch for those big John Deere Tractors especially on hills, curves in wooded areas throughout our trail system! Ride safe and sober, make it fun for the whole family; be courteous and helpful to others you meet along the trail. Travel safely this winter and come enjoy our extraordinary white winter wonderland season fun this year.


Snowbird Area Links

Area Snowmobile Trail Reports Other Area Links
Benzie-Manistee Snowmobile Club Trail Report

Wellston Winter Trail System 
Trail conditions and information for the Wellston Area Trails. 
Benzie County Visitors Bureau 
Irons Area Trails 
Trail conditions and information for the Wellston Area Trails. 
Cadillac Winter Promotions 
Trail conditions and information for the Cadillac Area Trails 
Trail Report

MISORVA – Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association 
A comprehensive list of snowmobile information including conditions and maps for trails throughout the state. 
Benzie Chamber of Commerce 
Benzie County Visitors Bureau 
Manistee Chamber of Commerce 
Manistee County CVB 
Wellston Michigan


Purchase of trail permits is critical for the trails to operate.  A large segment of the snowmobilers thought that the trail systems were funded through a general budget of the DNR. This is a misunderstanding. DNR administers the program using the funds collected from the trail permits. Trail system is self funded by you whom purchase trail permits. We sell permits through our members or at local merchants in this area and remember to get our trail map.