Here are some of our upcoming events for the next few months

Check out the new times and dates for the Snowbirds Vintage Show any questions contact Brad Lakso @ 231-690-4568

Land owners dinner Oct 23 @ the club house more info coming soon.

Our first meeting of the season will be September 1, 2021 7:00pm at the club house


Here is a list of upcoming events the club has scheduled as of now please keep checking our site as when more come available we will post it here. 

1-MISORVA, Region 2 District 6 (our area) meeting April 13th check the MISORVA website for details

2- End of Season Meeting & Cook out Friday May 7th 6pm bring a dish to pass grilled items will be supplied by the Snowbirds

3- Snowbirds Vintage Show and Swap Aug 6th & 7th Kaleva Park Campsite available



Meeting at the club house 3/3/21 @ 7:00 Pm


Trail report for the upcoming weekend paved roads are bare, plow gravel roads are starting to show some gravel and the trails are holding up for now and some place are seeing some snirt like the grade north of Kaleva and north of Thompsonville  hopefully we see the snow shower they are predicting  and not much sunshine temperature for Friday thru Sunday high to mid 20’s. Best riding as  of right now will be north of 39 towards Maple City. Have a good weekend and keep to the right.



Trail report the up coming weekend trails look to be fair we have had a inch or so of snow each day its been lake effect so it hasn’t added up much to the base trails in most places are snow cover with some ice in places. With this being President day weekend and if the current weather forecast holds the groomers will be out every day trying to keep them smooth. Enjoy the weekend and ride safe.



We are having our 1st meeting of the year Feb 3, 2021  7:00pm @ the club house..


Trail report for weekend.

Very little to no base, need snow. Not even close enough to groom. Trail 39 dangerous ruts, bumps and sled gobbling water holes. If you do ride use extreme caution and ride at your own risk. We have areas that need snow to fill holes and we don’t have it.

Go north! Gaylord, grayling or farther


Also the Empire Snowmobile Drag Race Roy Taghon Memorial for January 23rd, 2021 are on!!! Registration opens at 8am. Test runs starts at 8:30am. You must be registered to test. Test runs end at 10:30am. 10:45 racers meeting. Racing will start at 11am.




January 6 meeting has been cancelled 


Update on the Empire Drag races have been reschedule for Jan 23, 2021 @ the Empire Airport

Join us at the Empire Snowmobile Drag Race Roy Taghon Memorial on January 23rd, 2021!!! Registration opens at 8am. Test runs starts at 8:30am. You must be registered to test. Test runs end at 10:30am. 10:45 racers meeting. Racing will start at 11am.



Our monthly meeting schedule for Dec 2 and the safety class on Dec 5 has been canceled due to the virus. Remember Dec 1 trails open as soon as there is enough snow we hope to have the groomers out there doing there thing. Everyone please be safe and have a happy holiday .

Now for some good new “The Empire Snowmobile Drag Race for Roy Taghon Memorial” is on and set for January 9 2021  Save the date. More information will be coming stay tune.



Trail clean up  October 24th meet at the club house @ 9:00 am. Bring a saw and your UTV or quad for trail clean up.


We will be having our first meeting of the year Wednesday @ 7:00 pm. Since we didn’t have a meeting in September this meeting will be nominating board members  and vote for them in November. Also our first trail clean up will be October 10th meet at the club house @ 9:00 am. Bring a saw and your UTV or quad for trail clean up. Followed with lunch and a good time


Next club meeting will be Oct 7 @ the club house 7:00 pm. If we have to cancel due to the virus we will post here and on Facebook


Trail Clean up dates Oct 10 & Oct 24 meet at the club house 9:00am


Safety Class will be held Dec 5  registration 8:30am class starts @ 9:00am


DUE TO PUBLIC GATHERING RESTRICTIONS, WE WILL NOT HAVE A SEPTEMBER MEETING. THE NEXT MEETING WILL HOPEFULLY BE OCTOBER 7 AT THE CLUBHOUSE AT 7:00 PM.( If things have changed to allow larger gatherings) If you have an urgent matter that needs to be handled before that meeting, please contact one of the board members. Watch here and on Facebook page for info on work days.



The Vintage Show that was schedule 7/18/20 has been CANCELED we look forward to seeing you next year.

Thanks Snow Birds


Please note the club’s board has elected to cancel the Aprils meeting 4/1/20 and the End of the season party 4/4/20. Please continue to watch here and on our Facebook page for upcoming events.




End of the season party coming up on April 4,2020 at the club house. Social hour from 3-5pm. Dinner @ 5pm please bring a dish to pass



Just got notice the Empire Snowmobile Drag Race is still on



Trail Report

Trails poor to terrible. Icy dirt base in most. No grooming. If we get 4” plus we will be back in business. Next update when we get snow and there rideable.


Trail update mother nature is finally giving us some cold temps which will help on the water holes, but she seem to be missing  us with the snow we have got some but not a lot in the last week but most of it went around us. The northern section has more then than our mid and southern parts. Groomers are going out with the cold temps but they don’t have a lot to work with so they are doing the best they can. If you come up to ride this weekend have a fun and safe time out there and give those big GREEN MACHINES the right of way 


Also note the Empire Snowmobile Drags is reschedule for Saturday Feb 29,2020. Registration 8am-1010am. Racing starts @ 10:30 am. Questions please contact Soni Aylsworth @ 231-499-4930   


Trail Report- Which we had better news but here is what we have GROOMERS ARE PARKED we need snow badly the forecast is not predicting any major amounts anytime in the near future. The trails themselves do have some snow on them and yes there are people out riding, but one minute your going to have good snow then it could be snirt or maybe some ice  and then no snow also don’t forget the water holes we got this year just depends on where you start and finish. Anything that has be plow will most likely be dirt and may be hard getting into get gas or food.


Trails took a beating yesterday with no significant base, fresh snow and holiday traffic. Ride safe today and expect to see our groomers out today on all trails.

They will be repairing damage from yesterday and going out again Monday. Looks like winters finally here. Have fun!



As of now trails are thin, icy and just starting to form a small base.

We will be moving groomers into their locations. If we get the snow we’re anticipating Saturday Groomer’s will go out Sunday night to start panning and filling.

We will keep you up to date.


Also note the Empire Snowmobile Drags schedule for this Saturday Jan 11, 2020 has been cancelled its been reschedule for Saturday Feb 29,2020. Registration 8am-1010am. Racing starts @ 10:30 am. Questions please contact Soni Aylsworth @ 231-499-4930   


Notice the Vintage show scheduled for January 10 & 11, 2020 has been cancelled due to the upcoming weather reports for our area.. Also because of this issue we have NOT started grooming..  


Christmas Party / meeting December 4 2019 . Social hour and dinner at 6 please bring a dish to pass. Meeting will start at 7. All are welcome to come.


Notice of Snowmobile safety class rescheduled to December 14 due to conflicting schedules in the club sorry for the change.


Benzie – Manistee Snowbirds
Snowmobile Safety Class

Saturday – December 14 2019 Snowbirds Club House 14121 Industrial Ave. Kaleva Mi. 49645

Snowmobile Safety Class will be offered free of charge to ages 12 and up class will start at 9:00 am and will finish around 3:pm.The snowmobile club will provide lunch.

Guest speakers will be

Maple Grove Fire / Rescue – winter safety / first aid
With Gary Bowling

Benzie County Sheriff Dept – Laws and Regulations

Department of Natural Resources – Signs and Policy

Class participants must be 12 yrs. old by December 31
In order to earn a certificate

Registration from 8:30 am day of class
For more information call; Mark Coe 231-944-0678
Jeff Petrosky 231-510-2622


Benzie – Manistee Snowbirds
Snowmobile Safety Class

Saturday – December 7th 2019 Snowbirds Club House 14121 Industrial Ave. Kaleva Mi. 49645

Snowmobile Safety Class will be offered free of charge to ages 12 and up class will start at 9:00 am and will finish around 3:pm.The snowmobile club will provide lunch.

Guest speakers will be

Maple Grove Fire / Rescue – winter safety / first aid
With Gary Bowling

Benzie County Sheriff Dept – Laws and Regulations

Department of Natural Resources – Signs and Policy

Class participants must be 12 yrs. old by December 31
In order to earn a certificate

Registration from 8:30 am day of class
For more information call; Mark Coe 231-944-0678
Jeff Petrosky 231-510-2622


I know we are well aware of this, but need to share this message we those who do not know!

From Steve Cameron DNR

To all of you snowmobile enthusiast, probably pretty excited about the snow! Just a reminder that the state snowmobile trails officially open Dec 1 thru March 31 and are only groomed during this time, Many trails utilize private property to connect trail segments to many communities. With this said the gates to private land are still closed and will reopen Dec 1. Respect their land or we will lose it! The same applies to ORV’s. We have many locations in my area and around the state the clubs fight this battle each year. It will only take one private property owner to pull out of the program to lose access to other trails or whole communities. Also remember the quiet hours are in place during hunting season. There DNR website is a great place to find this information and more. Have fun be safe!



Remember trail clean up tomorrow Nov 2, 2019 meet at the clubhouse 8:30am. We will be signing, cutting brush followed by lunch 


Land owners allow our trails to go through their property. Without them our trails would not be possible. PLEASE show your thanks this Saturday at our annual Land Owners appreciation dinner. All are welcome. Beverages and social time starts at 3 with dinner being served at 5. Come check us out and have a good time. Did I mention beverages??

Groomer Jeff Pyciak will be spending some time on the trails starting around 9 am doing signs and cleanup. If you want to help bring your saw and side by side or atv to clubhouse.

Also don’t forget about the “Photo Contest”. 3 simple rules. 1. Must be in a frame. 2. The person entering picture must be in the picture. 3. There must be at least one snowmobile in the picture. The winner gets a trophy and a gift certificate to Traks.


Trail clean up for October 12 has been postponed due to the poor weather predicted for Saturday. It will be rescheduled for October 19 meet at the club house 9:00 AM 



Looks like we will be getting the “good” trail permits again this year!!!  We got his info from MISORVA

Just wanted to let you all know that we have reached an agreement with the DNR to distribute the Michigan Snowmobile Trail Permit. President Jim Kelts and Bill Manson will be signing the contract today 10/7/19 in Lansing. After signing the contract, we will be given permits to distribute to our agents and members as well as sell online to snowmobilers. The contract is for the 2019/2020 snowmobile season. Thank you to all of you who have supported us in our effort to continue as a distributor of the permits.





Many activities going on in the next few weeks see the list below

1 Trail clean up 10/12/19 meet at the club house @ 9:00 AM

2 Landowners Appreciation Dinner  10/26/19 social hour 3:00 PM dinner @ 5:00 pm burgers and hot dogs will be provided just bring a dish to pass

3 Trail clean up 11/02/19 meet at the club house @ 9:00 AM

4 Snowmobile safety class 12/07/19 @ 9:00 AM lunch is provided


Here is the list of winners from our Vintage Show and Swap Meet. Even though we had lots of rain that day everyone seem to have a good time. To view more information and pictures please go the Winning Edge Magazine    





First club meeting of the season Wednesday September 4 @ the club house 7:00 pm


No photo description available.


Our end of the season party will be held April 27 @ the club house social hour 3:00pm, dinner 5:00pm. Mike will be cooking up his brats-hot dogs and burgers please bring a dish to pass. Hope to see you all there.


Looks like today Friday and early Saturday should be some good riding as the temp are staying down cold there is a warm up starting Saturday so we may not be able to groom Saturday night will have to wait and see.. Also had word from the north driver they are going to try to get to Maple City tonight and start working on get that trail back in shape.


Looks like it should be a great weekend with good weather and the groomers are running most of there normal schedule expect we still can’t groom north of M-72 due to the drifting that occurred last week. Hopefully after the weekend riders they can pack the drifts down and we will be able to send the groomer further north next week.


Trails are being reported from good to excellent we made it through the holiday weekend with out any issues,  groomers have been out and running there normal schedule. The bad news is the weather for this upcoming weekend looks like were going way above freezing if that happens groomers will get parked till it cools back down. If you have the chance now would be the time to get out and ride before the warm up. If things change we will post here and on Facebook.  


We got some good snow in the last few days groomers are running there normal schedules..Keep any eye out for the big green machines and give the drivers a thumbs up.This upcoming weekend is the president weekend so there may be more sledders than normal so keep to your side and be careful. 


Rain, ice, rain! But I see a chance for some decent snow. Watch out for water holes, bumps, ruts and  with the high winds were having watch out for downed trees. If we get snow I’ll get all the groomers out. As of now a slushy mess.



With all the new snow and cold temp we had in the last week the groomers are finally getting caught back up on there normal schedules. Trail reports are good to excellent. This is our schedule as long as weather permits. All trails


Please remember to stay on the posted trail and the  club house is open on Saturdays weather permitting


Groomers went out last night (Thursday) will be going back out tonight and start our normal schedules if riding at night keep an eye for them and give them plenty of room. Trail report is fair in most parts of our trail system. Since we are just starting grooming this is going to be like early seasons riding I have received some reports that many areas have ice under the new snow.


Warm sunny weather, trails are SHOT. Please stay off during these warm temps to help preserve what little base we had and hope this Monday is snow and not rain.

We did ride some yesterday. We have some very dangerous ruts and holes. Please use caution.

Club house will not be open this Saturday due to warm temps.


We are having a BIG problem up north, just north of M-72 on trail 3 in Leelanau County. We received a phone call from a land owner giving us one last chance. The effected area is OBVIOUS, we just put up additional signs and just added orange fences. This is the ONLY trail to Maple City. The land owner stated the next snowmobile that doesn’t abide by these rules the trail will be closed immediately and forever. We have many generous landowners and some riders cant seem to respect landowners property. This landowner just happened to plant seeds in his field but even if he hadn’t we still need to respect the rules. Please pass this on to everyone you know. Otherwise we will be all driving our vehicles to Maple City. Thank you to those who are following the rules and sarcastically if we loose this trail thanks to those of you who don’t.


We have some snow but no base. Groomers will not be out panning or filling until we get more. Conditions are poor. I would advise not to ride until we get more snow. We have some dangerous water holes so use caution. Once trails are packed and rideable we will let you know.


Christmas Party / meeting this Wednesday 12/05/18. Social hour and dinner at 6. Meeting will start at 7. All are welcome to come.


Fellow Sledders we received this from the DNR office and was asked to forward to our web page and discuss at our upcoming meeting. Please take the time to read Thanks  Snowbirds

Subject: DNR Law Division Contacts

Hello everyone!

In our efforts to better communicate with our partners in DNR Law Division, please see the below information. 

Feel free to share and post this, or report in your newsletters and at your council and club meetings.

  • We lost almost 400 miles of snowmobile trail last year due to trespass and noise violations and complaints. 
  • Trail abuse could cost the program(s) valuable resources – money, manpower, not to mention deterioration to our Natural Resources.
  • Enforcement can help if we direct them to areas of concern. 
  • Our motorized programs grants funds to DNR Law Division each year.
  • You are the eyes and ears out on the trail!

The best way for any of the grant sponsor clubs to contact LED regarding law enforcement concerns is to call the District office and speak with the LED officer available to answer the phone. 

Each office is updated on the web https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79136_79772_81097-24666–,00.html

For issues related to snowmobile or ORV occurring on the trail at that time or being observed, riders should call the RAP line 800-292-7800. 

For emergencies or serious criminal activity currently occurring people should call 911.

It’s my hope that you find this info helpful!


Jessica Holley

               Statewide Motorized Trails Program

                  Michigan DNR, Parks & Recreation Division

                  517-331-3790 cell

                  PO Box 30257 ~ Lansing, MI 48909


Please join us for our party

 Benzie Manistee Snowbirds
50th Anniversary Celebration

October 27th 3 – 7 PM Kaleva Clubhouse
3 – 4pm Greeting social hour
4 – 5pm Guest speakers – Presentations
5 – 6pm Landowner Appreciation Dinner
Department Natural Resources
Representative Curt Vanderwall
Vintage Show Donation to Salvation Army
On behalf of Beard family
Recognition of starting members


Oct 6 Trail clean up meet at the club house 8:30 am

Oct 13 Snow Birds Club House 4pm-6pm  Fish Boil Fundraiser to send 2 groomer drivers from each club to the MSA workshop in March $10.00 donation. Please help support this cause.

Oct 20/18 Trail clean up meet at the club house 8:30 am

Oct 27 50 th anniversary party and landowners dinner- time will be announced soon!!!


Note Club Meetings resume Sep 5 @ 7:00pm at the club house

Aug 24-25 Nelsons/ Lakeside  Sno Motion in Greenville Mi

Sep 21-22 MSA Swap Meet  Saginaw County Fair grounds Cheasaning  MI


This Saturday! The end of the year party!!!!
Kaleva club house. 3 pm beverages with cook out at 5, bring a dish to pass.

Open to all! Meet the members and groomer drivers. Great turn out last year and hoping for a better one this year.

Drinks, food, drinks, desserts and drinks!

2/9/18 Trail Report – trail are rated as good groomers are out on their normal schedules weekend forecast is cold temp with snow flurries each day. Club house will be open Saturday 10am-4pm

2/5/18 All trails have been groomed and groomers are back on normal grooming schedule trails are reported to be fair-good there still are some icy place out there so use caution in the corners

1/26/18 Club house will not be open this Saturday due to very icy trails, warm temps and no grooming!
Hope for snow so trails can become rideable again.

1/18/18 Trail report for the weekend. Icy thin base now. Please stay off during the thaw again this weekend. We need snow. Groomers have not been out for over a week due to lack of snow.

This was our team that participated in the Charity Corn Hole Tournament put on by the Wertz Warriors with the proceeds going to the Special Olympics. Sorry to say they didn’t win but we were told they tried very hard and had a great time.

Team Members were

Kyle,Bill,Sherry,Mike,Rick & Mary 

Trail Report as of 1/10/18

Groomers are parked till the weather cools back down. If you would like to help us please stay off the groomed trails until it refreeze this will preserve our base that we have. Thanks from the SnowBirds

More events

3/1 Thru 3/3/18

Groomer Workshop St Ignace Mi

TBD  MSA Congressional Ride


Beulah Winter Festival

2/1 thru 2/3/18

Cadillac Winter Festival- Cadillac Mi


North West Council Meeting Skinner Park Irons Mi 7:00pm

1/18 thru 1/20/18

ISA-MSA ride in Bay Mills Resort, Brimley Mi

Up coming events on 1/13/18

Kids Races at Coyote Crossing on 1/13/8 starting @ 8:00am

Empire Airport Snow Drag Races
08:00 to 6:00 pm

Charity Corn hole Tournament to benefit Special Olympics @ Stronach Township Hall 2471 Main St Manistee Mi
Register @ 11:00 am Starts @ 12:00
For more info or to register early call Melissa @ 231-723-2432 or email spoormel12@gmail.com

1/1/18 Trails are great get out and ride groomers are on there regular schedule

12/30/17 We have received some good snow in the last few days all groomers are on there normal schedule trying to keep up with the holiday sled traffic. Trails are being rated as good to excellent keep the snow dance going. 

12/20/17 We need snow!!!!
Had a good start, everything panned, packed and filled.
The last few days of warmth with this cold has made the trails a sheet of ice. Groomers will be parked until we get snow.

12/06/17 Christmas- Dinner-Meeting

6:00 pm Dinner please bring a dish to pass.

7:00 pm Meeting please bring a dish to pass.

12/02/17 Snowmobile Safety Class this Saturday at club house. Registration at 8:30 class starts at 9:00.

12/01/17 Trails open

 Trail report- As of now trails are mostly dirt and the groomer guys have not filled in the holes yet..

11/02/17  Trail clean Nov 4,2017 meet at the club house @ 8:30am

10/16/17 upcoming events

1- Trail clean up Oct 21,2017 meet at the club house 8:30am

2- Land Owners Dinner Oct 28,2017

Social hour 3:00pm

Dinner 5:00pm Pig Roast furnished by the club. Members if bringing a dish please call John Girven @ 231-883-3844 to let him know what you will bring.

4- Trail clean Nov 4,2017 meet at the club house @ 8:30am

5/8/17  Watch our calendar as new things have been added for the upcoming summer and fall

3/4/17  Groomers are parked and are in the barn until we get significant more snow and cold temp  if not it might be the end of grooming till next season. Now with the trail updates : Trail from the south- High Bridge area to Kaleva – poor  mostly brown very little snow. Mid section-  Kaleva to Tompsonville- starting out its poor but the further north you go it gets better. Bear Lake trail- no report. North section- Tompsonville north  trails are fair to good very few brown spots. The temperature over night is suppose to drop into the 20’s so the trails should sit up over night and if you can get out early in the morning you should have some decent riding till it warms up and rain  later in the day. Also one other thing we have add a calendar  to the web page please keep checking as to future activities the club may be having.

2/28/17  If the weatherman holds true we may get one more ride in the next few days so keep the snow dance going. Just remember we are started out from nothing again so expect some water and be on the look out for down branches as the groomers have not been out since early February. 

Watch out, Groomers are great guys voluntarily working out there in the cold for your *winter sports fun* Use caution!! Keep them and yourself safe by giving them right of way. “Slow down” Show your
appreciation with a thumbs up as carefully passing. Also remember that the signs on the snowmobile trails are there for a reason, for the safety of all riders. So please don’t remove them!! “Just Think” the souvenir (sign) you take home, could take someone’s life and that rider goes for last ride home in a box. Grooming is done 4 days a week, by 3 groomers at different parts of our trail every Mon., Wed, Fri, and Sat. nights, also as needed. Watch for those big John Deere Tractors especially on hills, curves in wooded areas through out our trail system! Ride safe and sober, make it fun for the whole family; be courteous
and helpful to others you meet along the trail. Travel safely this winter and come enjoy our extraordinary white winter wonderland season fun this year.

Snowbird Area Links

Area Snowmobile Reports Area Links
Wellston Winter Trails 
Trail conditions and information for the Wellston Area Trails. 
Benzie County Visitors Bureau 
Irons Area Trails 
Trail conditions and information for the Wellston Area Trails. 
Cadillac Winter Promotions 
Trail conditions and information for the Cadillac Area Trails 
Trail Report
Michigan Snowmobile Association 
A comprehensive list of snowmobile information including conditions and maps for trails throughout the state. 
Benzie Chamber of Commerce 
Benzie County Visitors Bureau 
Manistee Chamber of Commerce 
Manistee County CVB 
Wellston Michigan


Purchase of trail permits is critical for the trails to operate.  A large segment of the snowmobilers thought that the trail systems were funded through a general budget of the DNR. This is a misunderstanding. DNR administers the program using the funds collected from the trail permits. Trail system is self funded by you whom purchase trail permits. We sell permits through our members or at local merchants in this area and remember to get our trail map.